Sixers news: Bryan Colangelo already losing trust from players around NBA
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Bryan Colangelo already losing trust from players around NBA

bryan colangelo, markelle fultz

Despite no clear verdict in the Bryan Colangelo burner accounts fiasco, players around the NBA have already started to lose trust on him as a league executive after an investigative piece by The Ringer went viral, detailing an alleged use of unassociated Twitter handles to bash players, staff, and former executives.

Yet the backlash stemming from the report has been overwhelmingly negative for Colangelo and for the Philadelphia 76ers, as current players are claiming they would be leery of the executive, even if the findings prove to be untrue, according to Sarah Todd of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Todd interviewed non-Sixers players about this social media fiasco and a heavy dose of them said “I wouldn’t trust him,” while agents have had a different take on the situation, with one saying it “would not affect personal dealings with Bryan, because I would base it off past dealings in which he’s been a straight shooter.”

Two things are taking place while the third-party investigation takes is underway — Colangelo is taking damage to his image and his reputation with every day that passes. Sure, agents have something to gain by maintaining a relationship with top suits like him, but players need to have absolute trust in a front office to feels at ease, and that element has been utterly smeared by the depth of this report.

If found guilty, Colangelo isn’t just as good as fired but will be very unlikely to find another job in the NBA, let alone in the front office, likely facing lawsuits for several HIPAA violations and breach of confidential information given to him as a top-of-the-line executive.

This comes perhaps at the worst possible time for the Sixers, who hoped to lure free agents after a rousing 52-win season, and once again find themselves with the ability to pick in the top-10 of the NBA Draft.