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WATCH: ‘F–k Ben Simmons’ chant breaks out during AEW show in Philly

Ben Simmons, Sixers, Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho

Philadelphia 76ers fans are as passionate as they come. This is exactly why Sixers supporters have not been shy about their distaste towards Ben Simmons now that the All-Star point guard is forcing his move away from the city.

Sixers fans are so outraged by Simmons’ utter disrespect for the franchise that they decided to let out some of their rage in the most random way possible — during an AEW event in Philadelphia:

The chants were as clear as day, but in case you somehow missed it, the wrestling fans in attendance were shouting: “F–k Ben Simmons!”

Needless to say, the city of Philadelphia has grown tired of all the drama surrounding the Sixers want-away star. Previous reports suggested that the fans were one of the reasons behind Simmons’ desire to jump ship, and at this point, it is abundantly clear that they want him out as soon as possible.

For what it’s worth, the Indiana Pacers have recently emerged as a dark horse in the race to sign Simmons. It looks like the Pacers are willing to cough up quite a package for the former Rookie of the Year. If this happens, you can be sure Sixers fans everywhere will be celebrating.