Sixers news: Golden Tate reacts to Jimmy Butler trade
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Sixers news: Golden Tate reacts to Jimmy Butler trade

The Philadelphia Sixers reportedly acquired star Jimmy Butler from the Minnesota Timberwolves in a trade Saturday afternoon. Golden Tate was traded by the Detroit Lions to the defending Super Bowl champions Philadelphia Eagles this past Tuesday.

Both the Eagles and Sixers made trades to acquire a star within the same week. Both teams are hoping it makes the teams better and to contend for a title.

With the Sixers and the Eagles both on the rise for Philadelphia sports, it is a pretty good time to be a fan of those teams if you are.

Jimmy Butler finally got traded after months of rumors. The most rumored teams were the Houston Rockets and the Miami Heat.

It seemed like Minnesota did not want to trade Butler to a Western Conference rival, which is why they declined the Rockets offer of four first round picks and accepted the Sixers offer.

One thing to look at for both teams: How well and quickly will Jimmy Butler and Golden Tate mesh with their new respective teams? Chemistry and trust does not happen overnight, it takes a long a process to build that. But, in Philadelphia, you have to trust the process, right?

It also seems like Jimmy Butler and Golden Tate need help and want to explore their new city they will be living and playing in. So, Philly fans, help your new stars out and tell them the best night life places, food, music and whatever else your city has to offer.

It could help in the long run by keeping both stars with their new teams for a long time.