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Hungry Sixers head coach Doc Rivers ends press conference for Chick-fil-A

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After a huge win over the Atlanta Hawks, journalists were obviously going to want to hear about it from the perspective of Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers. He got to the press conference, he gave his thoughts on the game–albeit briefly–and left with a message that only true fast-food lovers can enjoy: “I’ve got Chick-fil-A.”

With the amazing sandwich joint always closed on Sundays, it was wise of Rivers to grab a bit of it on a Friday night and to have it delivered to the stadium, as well. Perhaps Rivers was grabbing a bite from the famous fast-food joint because he feels that Atlanta has the best Chick-fil-A? They are, after all, headquartered in the Atlanta area and the company was founded in Georgia.

With this being the Sixers’ first trip down to Atlanta on the season, maybe Rivers was waiting for this day to have his first chicken sandwich of the season. Regardless of the sandwich situation, though, the Hawks have struggled to beat the Sixers in 2021 and tonight was no different. After a beatdown on October 30th in Philadelphia, the Hawks went down yet again to a Sixers squad that is struggling to stay around .500.

The matchup with Joel Embiid was the biggest problem for the Hawks tonight, so the Chick-fil-A that Rivers had waiting for him was the least of their worries. Embiid went off for 28 points, 12 rebounds, and two blocks; he also hit the game-winning shot with just 42 seconds remaining in the game. Perhaps Rivers should give Embiid a little bit of his dinner as a thank you present.