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Sixers’ J.J. Redick on NBA’s offensive explosion: ‘Offenses are smarter and defenses are dumber’

J.J. Redick, Sixers

The NBA’s sudden offensive explosion during the early part of the season has caught many players and executives by surprise, but Philadelphia 76ers shooting guard J.J. Redick summed it up rather easily.

“I think offenses are smarter and defenses are dumber,” said Redick, according to Kyle Neubeck of The Philly Voice.

While this seems like quite the simplistic argument, it’s actually true in its essence.

NBA offenses have finally mastered the use of advanced analytics and are instructing their players to opt for the 3-point shot and reduce the number of long 2-pointers unless utmost necessary.

Big men have also eagerly transitioned to spotting up in the perimeter, giving teams further options to spread out the floor and attack from all sides of the court

In a way, the game has gotten back to its roots — centered on the key skill basketball has pivoted on since its inception — shooting.

Jump shooters are at a premium in today’s NBA and so are guys who can defend them, which inevitably gave birth to the 3-and-D prototype.

Redick has had little to no transition, already possessing a proven shooting acumen since breaking into the league in 2006. But he has seen big men like Dario Saric and Joel Embiid willingly venture into the perimeter, while frontcourt snipers like Rashard Lewis during his time with the Orlando Magic were considered a rarity and an outright luxury as a premiere shooting big.

J.J. Redick has been a key player in this year’s offensive explosion, averaging 21.2 points in 31.2 minutes per game. The veteran is taking over nine 3-pointers per contest.