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VIDEO: Sixers star Joel Embiid’s live reaction to monster Kawhi Leonard dunk

Sixers, Joel Embiid, Kawhi Leonard, Clippers, Jazz

Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid was in disbelief after seeing Kawhi Leonard’s monster dunk over Derrick Favors in the Los Angeles Clippers-Utah Jazz Game 4.

Embiid was actually talking to reporters in a postgame presser when he saw the video of Kawhi’s nasty slam that took the soul of Favors. Of course, the said moment was caught on camera and the facial reaction of the Sixers center says it all.

Joel Embiid is all of us in this particular moment.

While it’s difficult to forget the Sixers’ epic collapse against the Atlanta Hawks on Monday, Kawhi Leonard made it easier with what could be said as the craziest dunk of the playoffs. It’s that vicious.

Adding insult to injury, the Clippers were up by more than 20 points at that period. The dunk did nothing but emphasize how dominant the Clippers were in the contest.

Embiid and the Sixers are probably tuned in now to the Western Conference Semifinals game like the rest of the NBA world, and who can blame them? They might be able to learn a thing or two on the mental resilience the Clippers have shown so far even after being down 2-0 for the second straight series.

Hopefully, seeing how his peer dominates will fuel Embiid as well. Following his botched game-winner on Monday, he is surely hoping for a huge bounce-back performance.