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Joel Embiid reacts to Bryan Colangelo’s burner accounts

Joel Embiid

As the Philadelphia 76ers get ready for one of their more important offseasons in recent history, president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo finds himself in a bit of hot water.

In a bombshell report by Ben Detrick of The Ringer, it was revealed Colangelo had five burner Twitter accounts, and they were used for a variety of purposes. Among them was to criticize players on the Sixers, including Joel Embiid.

It’s usually important for a front office executive to try and keep their player happy, but by the looks of Embiid’s tweet, he doesn’t seem too excited about the report.

The burner accounts that the Sixers boss set up talked trash about a lot of the players on the team, but they seemed to keep going after Embiid’s knees.

“The accounts insisted that Embiid had hidden the injury from the Sixers and asked to play against the Rockets. On February 10, Eric jr directed a tweet at Embiid’s own Twitter account: “Joel, you are just a kid, but why didn’t you tell docs knees hurt before Houston? You costed yrself (&us) 9+ games and play-offs.”

Another one of the burner accounts also said they would like to knock some sense into Embiid.

“If I had a medium size ladder I would love to knock some sense in Joel’s head right now. He is playing like a toddler having tantrums.

The Sixers all but confirmed that Colangelo was using burner accounts, and the things he said about Embiid and some of the other Sixers players are pretty damaging. It could make for quite the awkward conversation when everyone sees each other next.

Colangelo also hasn’t released a statement, but that could be really telling when that comes out.