Sixers news: Philly considering the dismissal of GM Bryan Colangelo (Report)
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Sixers considering the dismissal of general manager Bryan Colangelo (Report)

Bryan Colangelo

Bryan Colangelo’s Twitter burner accounts fiasco has been the talk of the town over the past few days. Interestingly enough, reports have now surfaced that the Philadelphia 76ers organization is already seriously considering firing their general manager.

The 53-year-old has been accused of having several burner or fake Twitter accounts which he has allegedly used to deface his colleagues as well as his own players. The 76ers have launched a full-blown investigation in an attempt to determine the truth behind this controversy and according to Adrian Wojnarowski and Zach Lowe, the probe has now shifted its focus towards the involvement of Colangelo’s wife, Barbara Bottini.

As a Philadelphia 76ers internal probe into anonymous Twitter accounts has become increasingly focused on the wife of president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo, franchise ownership is seriously considering Colangelo’s dismissal, league sources told ESPN.

Even if the accounts turn out to be Bottini’s, the 76ers will reportedly still hold Colangelo liable.

So far, Philadelphia ownership has shown little, if any, inclination to separate Colangelo’s culpability in the matter should a family member or close associate be proven responsible for the postings, league sources said.

It also appears that even the staff of the embattled GM are already preparing themselves for the worst.

While many of Colangelo’s staff with the Sixers are bracing for his dismissal, some are still holding on to hope that he can somehow survive this firestorm with this job, sources say.

Regardless of how this ends, it is obvious that the relationship between Colangelo and the 76ers franchise has already been tarnished. It seems that it will only be a matter of time before these two parties eventually end up cutting ties.