Sixers news: Ray Allen would rather help Ben Simmons shoot than Lonzo Ball
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Ray Allen would rather help Ben Simmons shoot than Lonzo Ball

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Newly-enshrined Hall of Famer Ray Allen had no problems picking a former rookie to potentially help with recurring shooting woes during an interview with Dan Patrick.

As always, Patrick asked the right pressing questions, putting Allen on the spot and asking him to choose between Lonzo Ball and Ben Simmons — but the 3-point king came up clutch again, with no hesitation in his answer.

“Yeah, I’m taking Ben.”

“Lonzo’s form looks like it’s kind of baked in. I don’t know how much he can improve on that. [But] I think he can improve on it. It’s like… you hate to take a professional athlete’s shot and change it completely.”

Ball’s shooting woes have been well-chronicled since his high school days, boasting a wonky shot form with a very noticeable shot pocket coming from the left side of his body and across, much like Kevin Martin, but a lot less effective.

Martin’s shot was flawed, but effective, reaching the 40 percent mark for a season in three of his 12 NBA seasons, including hitting above 38 percent of his shots in seven of them.

Ball connected in 36 percent of his shots from the field, 30.5 percent from deep, and a ghastly 45 percent from the foul line — a mix of poor form and a very noticeable lack of confidence that just spells trouble all around.

Simmons’ problem could be centered in handedness, as the 6-foot-10 point-forward finishes most of his plays in-close with the right hand, while taking jump shots with his left.

Changing back to an orthodox right-handed jump shot would give Allen a blank canvas to work with, able to pinpoint every step without the need to correct flaws, starting with the basics of footwork and eventually developing a shooting regimen to take Simmons’ game to the next level.