Sixers rumors: Bryan Colangelo's wife has phone number ending in 91
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Bryan Colangelo’s wife has phone number ending in 91

Bryan Colangelo

Ideally, all basketball conversations happening right now should be about the fourth-straight meeting between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals and which narrator would be best to tell the story of the two teams’ seemingly annual meeting in a future 30 For 30 documentary special. Instead, those narratives are being shadowed by the Twitter fiasco involving Philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo.

While there are zero pieces of evidence that would absolutely and undeniably link Colangelo to those four fake Twitter accounts (the Sixers have already admitted that one of the five Twitter accounts in question is Colangelo’s), there are enough to convince a lot of people that he does operate all five.

Twitter sleuths have been doing their part to dig for clues that could either strengthen the case against Colangelo or help get the embattled team exec get more benefit of the doubt.

Among the techniques these amateur social media investigators are doing is to try to reset the passwords of those accounts. By doing so, Twitter would reveal the last two digits of the phone number along with the email associated with the accounts.

The Twitter account of Did the Sixers win? tried to do it and discovered that three of the alleged Colangelo burner accounts are linked to phone numbers – or just one number – that end in “91.” If you’re wondering why is this significant, it’s because “91” also happens to be the final two digits of Barbara Bottini’s phone number. Also, Bottini is Colangelo’s wife.

Did the Sixers win? is not conclusively saying that it’s Bottini who is the real responsible for the burner accounts, but they certainly have raised a flag here.

Could it be that the Sixers have a Roger Goodell-Jane Skinner Goodell issue in their hands?