Sixers video: Joel Embiid fails to win $25,000 for fan at Drake concert
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Video: Joel Embiid fails to win $25,000 for fan at Drake concert

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In his concert, hip-hop star Drake gave Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers a chance to win thousands of dollars for a fan. Sadly, the Sixers big man failed.

Check out the video below as posted by Danny Pommells of NBCS. It shows Drake hyping up the crowd over at Philly, calling them to cheer on Embiid on as he prepares to shoot the ball from half court for a whopping $25,000 for a fan.

It wasn’t shown in the video but Embiid missed all three attempts. Despite this, Drake guaranteed him that he’ll have a great season for the Sixers.

“The good news is you’re going to have a great season with the Sixers.”

Fans expected Embiid to nail at least one shot. Not only because he’s an NBA player who gets paid to shoot the ball into the hoop, but a fan drained the same shot just the other night.

Perhaps a lesson learned here is not to entrust your fate to someone else. Another is not to expect NBA players to drain half court shots like lay-ups, especially Embiid who makes a living off of scoring in the paint via post-ups and shimmy moves.

While he does have a reliable shot from downtown, it’s not every game that he lines up from half-court. His teammate J.J. Reddick or even Robert Covington would’ve been better fitted to accomplish the job.