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Video: Joel Embiid pushes off Lance Stephenson

joel embiid

Since entering the league back in 2010, Lance Stephenson has mastered the art of getting into his opponent’s heads with his on-court antics. He has been involved in some skirmishes in the past, where he showed a lot of gamesmanship and even received some shoves from opposing players.

Tuesday’s game between the Indiana Pacers and Philadelphia 76ers was no different, as he was once again at the center of a heated moment, this time involving Joel Embiid. After pulling off a good crossover move and scoring on an easy drive to the basket, Stephenson was pushed by the All-Star center, forcing him to back-pedal to regain his balance.

The referees immediately blew their whistles to stop the play and reviewed the incident. If there’s any good news, the two were separated quickly to avoid the situation from escalating further, as cooler heads prevailed.

A technical was slapped on Embiid for his push, but no further incident between the two happened during the hotly-contested matchup. It was very understandable that neither team nor their players wanted to give an inch to their opponents, as the battle for playoff berths in the Eastern Conference is heating up with the regular season down to its final few weeks.

Stephenson and company had the last laugh on the night, as they came out with the road victory, 101-98. The win strengthened their hold on the third spot in the East, and are now a game-and-a-half clear of the Cleveland Cavaliers, with only 14 games left on their schedule.