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Sixers’ T.J. McConnell totally loses it after Joel Embiid’s epic putback dunk

T.J. McConnell, Joel Embiid

Earlier Tuesday night, jaws of NBA fans on social media collectively dropped in awe when the video of Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid finishing with an emphatic putback started making rounds. Apparently, it wasn’t just the NBA fans who were taken aback by the putback. The Sixers’ official Twitter account replied to their own post of the viral video with a closer look at Embiid’s teammate, T.J. McConnell, exhibiting a hilarious reaction to the big man’s megaton sledgehammer of a dunk:

Philadelphia would go on to beat the visiting Cleveland Cavaliers, 106-99, in a contest that was suprisingly a closely-contested one than what many would not have expected.

Embiid certainly made up for his brief blunder of a missed shot not just with the highlight of the night. The 24-year-old All-Star scored 17 points and hauled in a game-high 19 rebounds, with not one board bigger than the one he used for the epic putback slam.

As for McConnell, the fourth-year point guard spent most of his time cheering on his fellow Sixers from the bench. He played just 10 minutes and made all two of his field goal attempts for a grand total of four points on Tuesday.

While McConnell isn’t expected to deliver eye-popping numbers on a nightly basis like Embiid, at least he had quick wits to show some much-needed support to his team from the sidelines. Yes; even at the expense of making quite a fool out of himself with a reaction like the one found in the clip above. It does make for some great social media buzz after all, that’s for sure.