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Snoop Dogg’s heartfelt message to Kobe Bryant’s mom and dad

Snoop Dogg, Lakers

Monday’s Kobe Bryant memorial service was attended by some of the biggest celebrities on the planet, as they all paid tribute to the late Los Angeles Lakers legend. Throughout all the coverage surrounding the recent death of Kobe and his daughter Gianna, very little attention — if any — has been placed on Bryant’s own parents.

Hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg — himself a longtime Kobe and Lakers supporter — made sure to send some love to Joe and Pam Bryant, providing them some words of encouragement as they face this terrible ordeal (h/t HipHop Crown Nation):

Joe Bryant, Pam Bryant

It is no secret that Kobe did not have the best relationship with his parents. Seven years ago, Joe and Pam attempted to make money off of their son’s memorabilia from early on in his career, which left Kobe appalled. The five-time NBA champ even had to secure a court order to prevent his parents from doing so. According to reports, Bryant had no communication with his parents in recent years, but Vanessa Bryant still invited them to Monday’s memorial.

They may have had their differences, but we cannot even fathom the pain this couple has had and will continue to endure as they lay their son to rest. What makes it even more terrible is the fact that they were never even able to resolve their issues before this tragedy.

As Snoop said above, our prayers go out to Joe and Pam Bryant, as well as all the other people affected by the tragic helicopter crash that occurred about a month ago.