After five years in development, Somerville, finally gets a release date and it is sooner than expected.

Somerville Release Date: November 15, 2022

Somerville is a debut game from newbie game studio Jumpship. Considering that the game was announced five years ago, it is about time for the game to be released.

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Somerville is a sci-fi narrative-based game that is set in a rural landscape. The goal in the game, to put it simply, is to reunite with the main character’s family. However, not all is as simple as it sounds. The players are put through a perilous sci-fi adventure with a looming catastrophe that involves a mysterious alien race that has come to earth. With this catastrophe come different repercussions from the conflicts that will occur in the game. These elements come with their own mysteries that deepen the narrative as the game progresses. Aside from teases of the story and the setting, very few has been released about its gameplay.

Many gamers are especially excited for the release of this game as they have noted that this brand new game has taken some elements from similar critically acclaimed games such as “Limbo” and “Inside”. This is because these games also share the director, Dino Patti, with Somerville. Dino Patti is the founder of Jumpship and is a co-founder and ex-CEO of game studio Playdead. With director Dino Patti  at the helm of this game, gamers are expecting the game to come out as excellent as his previous works.

With Somerville’s release date being right around the corner, gamers are excited for a brand new gaming experience with the Jumpship studio’s debut game. Somerville is set to release on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC. The game will also be accessible on the Xbox Game Pass.

Somerville’s release date is on November 15, 2022.