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Sonic Central 30th-anniversary Livestream – All the Reveals and Highlights

Sonic Central 35th Anniversary Livestream

The Sonic Central 30th-anniversary live stream came and went just as quick as its eponymous blue hedgehog. News and updates came along with it, giving fans a lot to chew on while we wait for Sonic‘s next big release in 2022. Missed the live stream? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out the highlights of the Sonic Central 30th-anniversary live stream below.

Sonic Central started off with an Orchestral Score Presentation

What kind of celebration happens without some proper music? SEGA made sure that the Sonic Central live stream will be properly started with some musical interlude. Iconic tracks from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise were rendered in beautiful harmonic orchestra music at the start of the show. Apart from the orchestra music, there will also be performances from Crush 40 and Tomoya Ohtani. What’s more, the music performance will be performed for free with no additional cost. You can take part in the musical celebration on June 23, 2021. A sneak peek of the musical performance will be shown during the Summer Game Fest this June.

Sonic competes in the Tokyo 2020 Official Video Game and other cameos

An official companion video game to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will arrive on June 22, 2021. Players can partake in the different sports and events just like in the Olympics such as Track and Field. Just be wary of some of your opponents – Sonic will easily beat anyone who runs against him in rally races. But that’s no problem – you yourself can play as Sonicin the Tokyo 2020 Official Video Game. Do you think that’s an odd addition? We think so, too. But what the heck – it’s more Sonic!

Sonic also makes an appearance in at least two other games – Two Point Hospital and Lost Judgment. You’ve read that right. Sonic and friends get to take part in the hospital theme park experience in Two Point Hospital – either as part of the staff or as patients. The Sonic-themed crossover arrives on July 30, 2021, for free as DLC in Two Point Hospital.

Meanwhile, SEGA’s Yakuza-spin-off Lost Judgment also makes an appearance in the Sonic Central live stream. However, it’s not in the way you’d expect. No, Sonic will not be a playable character in Lost Judgment, silly. That’d be too ridiculous. What is this, Tokyo 2020 Official Video Game? Lost Judgment will have a cross-over with Sonic when the game comes out on September 24, 2021. One of the fun activities you can do in the game is play real SEGA arcade games in-game. And yes, one of the games you can play there is the classic fighting game Sonic Fighters.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate remaster announced, along with compilations, re-releases, and console debuts

Another big announcement made during the Sonic Central live stream is that there will be a Sonic Colors remaster. Sonic Colors: Ultimate will let you experience the Sonic Colors experience again on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, along with new features and bonus content. Sonic Colors: Ultimate comes out on September 7, 2021.

Apart from this remaster, a new game has been teased towards the end of the live stream as well. The game doesn’t have a title yet, but it looks like it’s going to be an open-world game. Will this be Sonic Team’s response to Breath of the Wild? This game will come out on the PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2022. We don’t know any details yet about this game, but the teaser did what it needed to do – it caught our interest. We’ll be reporting on any news about this newly-revealed project as we go along.

Meanwhile, old Sonic games appear in the Sonic Origins compilation that will release on next-gen consoles in 2022. Sonic Mania and Team Sonic Racing have finally arrived on Amazon Luna, and these two plus Sonic Forces will be coming to PlayStation Now on June 1st. More collaboration events in SEGA’s ongoing Sonic games will be coming, as well as 30th-anniversary specific official Sonic merchandise. There will be a lot of events and merchandise for the anniversary celebration, so make sure to keep an eye out on their official website.

New Sonic animated series and Netflix show coming

Finally, the Sonic Central live stream also gave updates on two Sonic-centric shows. Returning voice actor Roger Craig Smith made the announcement himself on Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps. The two-part animated series will be promoting the new Sonic Colors: Ultimate game. From the footage we’ve seen so far, the animation quality looks bright, crisp, colorful, and the Sonic characters we know and love look perfectly rendered. Voice actors from the Sonic video games will reprise their roles in this animated series.

Meanwhile, a Netflix show called Sonic Prime will be heading to Netflix soon, as well. The studio heading this project, WildBrain, has a great portfolio of past works, including Ben 10 and Big Hero 6. We have high hopes on this one as well.