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DeMar DeRozan reveals his primary goal throughout coronavirus crisis

Spurs, DeMar DeRozan

Amid the coronavirus crisis that has paralyzed the whole world, San Antonio Spurs star DeMar DeRozan is looking to “find that happy place to be stuck in.”

Medical experts have advised the general public to stay at home. While easy for some, several have suffered anxiety, especially those who have been constantly following the latest developments regarding the pandemic. These were some of the things DeRozan discussed in an online chat with Dr. Kensa Gunter, a licensed clinical psychologist based out of Decatur, Georgia.

“It’s something none of us would have imagined,” the Spurs swingman said, per Jeff McDonald of San Antonio Express-News. “Across the whole world, people being locked down, shut in their house.”

While the doctor acknowledged that it’s imperative to follow the news, she advised the public to step away from it even for just a while — for the sake of one’s mental health.

“There’s information overload,” Gunter said. “(We should) be mindful of how much information we’re taking in, and what information we’re taking in. Not listening to news 24/7 is a really big way to help us.”

There are those who are forced into isolation and are thus battling loneliness. For the Spurs All-Star, now is the time to fully utilize social media as its main purpose is to connect one another.

“We’ve got the greatest platform in history to be connected,” DeRozan said. “We can all do it from our phone and not feel alone.”

DeMar DeRozan also admitted how much he misses playing ball with the Spurs. But for now, his priority is the health and well-being of the entire world.