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Former G League assistant credits Becky Hammon for opening NBA doors to female coaches, execs

Becky Hammon

San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Becky Hammon is arguably the most prominent female name in the coaching scene today. She has been an absolute trailblazer, and as former G League assistant coach Nicki Gross so aptly put it, Hammon’s success has definitely opened a ton of opportunities for women in a sport that is primarily dominated by men.

“I think Becky Hammon has been a great role model for women to see that they can get to where she is, and it is possible, and there’s no limit on what you can do because of your gender,” Gross said over the phone, via Michael Scotto of The Athletic.

Gross speaks from her own personal experience, as she explains how Hammon’s progress also had a significant impact on her own coaching career.

“I remember she got hired and I had already been in Bakersfield, and it was still kind of out of the norm when I got hired in Bakersfield I guess,” added Gross. “You wouldn’t really hear about women coming up in that sense. But now it’s great that it’s being brought to light that women can achieve where they want to coach and what they want to do. I think Becky and Jenny have been great for that for sure.”

Hammon, herself a six-time All-Star during her time in the WNBA, had a truly memorable career as a professional. However, especially considering how she has been able to breach boundaries and challenge the norm as a coach in the NBA, this is perhaps what she will be most remembered for once she finally calls it a career.