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Gregg Popovich reacts to some fans not liking his political opinion

gregg popovich

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich might not have the most popular political opinions living in the state of Texas, historically a Republican state.

Popovich has been a liberal soul ever since his time serving in the Air Force and has carried those same beliefs throughout his life, and his comments against the current presidential regime reflect that. Though he isn’t taking his words back, regardless of the backlash he hears from fans or the media.

The original question relates to an article by Rick Mease of The Washington Post, which claimed some “insulted” pro-Donald Trump Spurs fans were forced to choose between their team and their political allegiance.

“To answer your original question, no — I don’t care about an article that anyone may write, except it you wrote one,” said Popovich with his usual sass. “I would read it from beginning to end. I swear, I would.”

“The organization has never said anything about any opinion that I might have about anything. Not one time.”

Popovich has been firm in his convictions from day one and that approach hasn’t changed. He’s been ultimately transparent with his players, the media, and the fans — even if that includes having unpopular opinions about what goes on in the country, despite residing in a red state.

The 69-year-old helmsman is the longest-tenured coach in the league by a good mile and his candor when approaching non-basketball issues have called enough attention to gain the respect and admiration of even those who are not Spurs fans.