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Spurs’ Marco Belinelli speaks out on ‘tragic’ coronavirus crisis, future of NBA

Marco Belinelli, Spurs

Like the rest of the NBA, San Antonio Spurs shooting guard Marco Belinelli has been greatly affected by the recent coronavirus pandemic that has basically shut down most major sports in the country.

With the NBA season currently suspended, Belinelli has been living essentially in quarantine for the past two weeks and has been confined mostly to his home.

“I’m going out to only take my dog for a walk. We do our grocery shopping online, and I’m working out at home. I want to also thank the Spurs staff, that is absolutely present and read to accommodate our every need, by bringing us food and all the necessary tools to continue our sports routine as much as possible,” Belinelli said per Dionysis Aravantinos of EuroHoops.net

With Belinelli’s home country of Italy being hit harder by the virus than any other nation on the planet, the 33-year-old Spurs sharpshooter knows better than just about anyone the effect that the pandemic can have.

“The situation is really tragic. This virus has been underestimated in all countries since the first moment and immediate procedure wasn’t taken, thinking that it was similar to the flu. Being Italian, I saw all the progress of the virus and the restrictions that have been taken by my country. In the United States, we have been facing this virus for a week,” Belinelli added.

As of now, there is no set date for the NBA season to resume and the possibility of it not resuming at all is a harrowing situation. While Marco Belinelli admits he misses the game, he knows that the health of himself and others is more important.

“It’s honestly a very difficult question to answer,” Belinelli said when asked about the future of the NBA. “It’s necessary to see what will happen in the coming weeks. For me, it is a huge absence, but safety and health come before anything. It’s our priority to defeat and get over this situation.”