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Tony Parker says Spurs offered same contract as Hornets, but role was different

tony parker

Charlotte Hornets newcomer Tony Parker has recently shed some more light on his unexpected decision to leave the San Antonio Spurs after 17 years with the organization.

Speaking to French news website L’Expresso, Parker explained that at the end of the day, his decision boiled down to the Hornets being able to offer him a more significant role on their team.

“The Spurs offered me the same thing (contractually) as Charlotte, but it was more about the role,” Parker said, via Jeff Garcia of NEWS4SA.com. “It was not a question of money. And it’s important that people know this, because there are a lot of people who were ‘angry’ at the Spurs, thinking the franchise had not offered me anything. Yes, they offered me something similar, but I did not want to finish assistant-coach. And that was the role they offered me, when I wanted to play.”

While many believed that Parker was ready to hang up his laces, this was simply not what the Frenchman had in mind. The four-time NBA champion believed that he still has some gas left in the tank, and refused to play out his career as a bit player for the Spurs. Nevertheless, it is apparent that Parker holds no ill will against his former team.

Parker is currently on a two-year deal with the Hornets and is expected to be the primary backup to cornerstone star Kemba Walker.