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Rumor: Package centered around Jayson Tatum would be best hope for Kawhi Leonard trade

In the midst of the Kawhi Leonard saga, teams have been preparing to contact the San Antonio Spurs and inquire about his services, though due to the dubious state of his quad injury, it’s unlikely the team can ask for much if it chooses to trade him away.

According to Yahoo! Sports Insider Chris Mannix, the potential to trade Leonard will revolve around the level of confidence that coach Gregg Popovich and longtime general manager R.C. Buford have on Leonard’s willingness to play and be part of this team.

If they do choose to make a trade happen, Mannix offered that the Boston Celtics are the best-equipped team to give the Spurs the assets they would need, considering the aging Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and Pau Gasol will soon retire, while their other star, LaMarcus Aldridge is quickly approaching his mid-30s.

Jayson Tatum is a transcendent offensive talent,” said Mannix as a guest in Fox Sports 1’s First Things First. “Jayson Tatum at some point in his career is going to average 25-plus points in his career. He’s that good on the offensive end of the court. If Boston builds a package around Jayson Tatum, that might be the best deal San Antonio could hope to get.”

Mannix makes a strong point, as the Spurs have masked their decadence with stellar play from Leonard and Aldridge, but they can grow old very easily as they have been and will need a dose of youth perhaps sooner than most anticipated.