Spurs video: Dejounte Murray gifts brother with car for graduating, making honor roll
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Video: Spurs’ Dejounte Murray gifts brother with car for graduating, making honor roll

Dejounte Murray

San Antonio Spurs point guard Dejounte Murray was in an extremely generous mood lately, as he decided to give his younger brother an epic graduation present. The 21-year-old recently surprised his brother with what looks like a spanking new purple Dodge Challenger for successfully graduating with honors:

This was a pretty awesome moment caught on film, and it’s not as if this was a blatant show of wealth on the side of the Spurs youngster. He was rewarding his younger brother for putting in all the hard work in his studies, and the fact that the latter was able to impressively graduate with honors makes us believe that he actually deserves such a lavish present. In the Murray household, hard work definitely pays off.

There was also so much love in the video, with the brothers embracing for an extended period. Dejounte seemed to have given his brother a brief message, and looking at the Spurs guard’s body language, you could definitely see how proud he was of his brother’s accomplishment.

For his part, though, Dejounte himself has been putting in the hard work as he recovers from a knee injury he suffered almost a year ago now. After a very promising sophomore campaign, Murray had to undergo a season-ending ACL surgery even before the season even started.

Reports have stated that he should, however, be ready for the next season, and with a clear path to a starting role for head coach Gregg Popovich, Dejounte Murray is primed for a breakout year in the upcoming season.