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Video: DeMar DeRozan gives his game-worn shoes to fan

demar derozan

After a Drew League game, DeMar DeRozan of the San Antonio Spurs gave his game-worn shoes to a lucky fan wearing his old Toronto Raptors jersey.

As posted by Twitter user @DrewRuiz90, below is a footage of DeRozan handing out the shoes and posing for a picture:

Just like most Raptors fans, the fan hasn’t moved on from the blockbuster trade which sent their star to the Spurs in exchange for defensive stalwart, Kawhi Leonard. Yet his overall status remains questionable at this point.

DeRozan himself was shocked by the news. In several Instagram stories, the 28-year-old expressed his disappointment with the franchise. He noted that the top executives promised that they wouldn’t let go of him yet after a few days, he was sent to the Spurs. DeRozan felt that he was led on.

Yet little by little, DeRozan seems to be moving on. He was up and about during the exhibition game at the Drew League, raking in several highlight plays. He even crafted a letter thanking Toronto for the last nine years.

He wrote:

Words could never express what you’ve meant to me. I was just a 19 year old kid from Compton when we first met, but you took me in and embraced me as one of your own. I am so grateful for the Love and Passion that you’ve given me over the past 9 years. All I ever wanted to do was duplicate it 10x over just to show my appreciation. Thank you Toronto, thank you Canada. #Comp10 #ProveEm