Steelers news: Mason Rudolph says Myles Garrett's racial slur claim is 'totally untrue'
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Steelers’ Mason Rudolph says Myles Garrett’s racial slur claim is ‘totally untrue’

Mason Rudolph, Myles Garrett

Mason Rudolph has become more known for his brawl with Myles Garrett than his abilities as a quarterback. And now that a new angle was added to the feud, the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback adamantly defended himself against such allegations.

During the appeal for the indefinite suspension he was hit with, Garrett accused Rudolph of slinging a racial slur towards his direction. He explained that the slur Garrett said was the main reason as too why he took off Rudolph’s helmet and hit Rudolph — who had just recovered from a concussion  weeks ago — on the head with it.

Rudolph naturally brushed off those allegations, calling them foolish ramblings.

Per Pro Football Talk’s Michael David Smith:

“It’s totally untrue. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe he would go that route after the fact,” Rudolph said after today’s game.

Asked if Rudolph could have said anything that Garrett interpreted as a racial slur, Rudolph said, “Absolutely not. There was nothing. Not even close.”

Rudolph wasn’t suspended for his fight with Garrett, but he had a fine of $50,000. It was the highest out of the 33 people that the league fined for the fight. Garrett also had to pay a fine on top of his season-long suspension amounting to $45,623.

His scuffle with Garrett wasn’t the only low point the second-year QB out of Oklahoma State had to deal with at that point. The 24-year-old had the lowest QB rating of his career so far during that Week 11 game. The Cleveland pass rushers sacked him four times, and the secondary intercepted his passes four times.

He needs to move on from this game quick and focus on improving his performance in the remaining games of the season.