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Steelers coach Mike Tomlin doesn’t know if he’ll play starters on Sunday

With the Pittsburgh Steelers pretty much knowing where it stands for the playoffs, head coach Mike Tomlin admits that he still doesn’t know if he will play his starters this weekend or not.

The issue here is that Pittsburgh doesn’t control what seed it will have following Week 17’s games. Mike Tomlin knows this, and is weighing his options.

“I’m undecided as I stand here right now,” Tomlin said. “It’s obvious that those types of discussions are in play.”

The Steelers have a lot going on at this place in space and time. While all National Football League teams are hurt by injuries at this stage of the game, few are in a position of knowing that it will at least be in the playoffs.

Basically, Tomlin needs to decide if he values the idea of getting healthier or if he’s fearful that giving his key cogs some time off might result in a bit of a rust. Then again, there’s the middle ground here, which is just sitting the incredibly key players (guys playing quarterback, running back, etc.) and allowing some others to start.

He could also play his starters, but only on a limited basis.

Really, Week 17 is Mike Tomlin’s oyster. He can do whatever he wants.