Steelers news: Mike Tomlin finally shares his feelings about the fight with the Browns
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Steelers coach Mike Tomlin finally shares his feelings about the fight with the Browns


The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns got into a massive fight in Week 11 on Thursday Night Football.

Of course, everyone knows about the fight by now. The two main players were quarterback Mason Rudolph of the Pittsburgh Steelers and pass rusher Myles Garrett of the Cleveland Browns. It ended with Garrett hitting Rudolph with his own helmet.

It has been nearly a week now, and basically everyone has weighed in on the entire ordeal. Now you can add Pittsburgh head coach Mike Tomlin to that list. He did so in a press conference posted by the official Steelers website.

Tomlin’s stance is a little predictable. He said that there were players going through appeals and that the fight was ugly for the game.

However, he also said he wasn’t sure the Steelers did anything to provoke the attacks. This is kind of what you’d expect from the head coach.

It’s pretty clear that Rudolph ripped Garrett’s helmet though and went for a few swings below the belt.

While this does not in any way make what Garrett did right, it also does not make Rudolph a completely innocent victim in all of this.

So Tomlin isn’t exactly right in that assessment. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t expected though. Of course the head coach is going to take this stance, at least until he figures everything out.

Maybe once the dust has settled and all the punishments have been finalized¬†and he’s had a chance to talk to his team properly and in the way he wants, we might get a more clear answer from Tomlin.

For now though, this was about as good as you could have expected.