Steelers news: Mike Tomlin reveals Pittsburgh's secret to 0 player opt-outs
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Mike Tomlin reveals Pittsburgh’s secret to zero player opt-outs so far

Mike Tomlin Steelers

Some teams in the NFL have already had to endure a few players opting out of the 2020 season due to the concerns surrounding COVID-19. On the other hand, Mike Tomlin revealed the Pittsburgh Steelerssecret to zero player opt-outs so far.

“But more than anything, largely, we’ve been working to educate our guys about the pandemic and what it is they need to do in terms of a role in an effort to keep themselves and those, they encounter safe.”

Ahead of Thursday’s opt-out deadline at 4 pm EST, the New England Patriots have had a league-high eight players opt-out for the 2020 season. Among the players to opt-out for the Patriots were Dont’a Hightower and Marcus Cannon.

Despite some team’s issues with players sitting out for the upcoming season, Tomlin and his Steelers haven’t had their own case. The coach reiterated that the Steelers have educated their players on the necessary precautions amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“More than anything, we have worked extremely hard, not only once we’ve gotten in the setting that we’re in now, but even working remotely throughout the offseason, of providing them accurate education based on the information that we all have about the pandemic and how to best keep themselves and their loved ones safe,” Tomlin said. “More than anything, I’ve just found that they’ve had a thirst for legitimate information and so that’s what we’ve worked to provide.”

While the clock ticks down for players to opt-out, there are 60-plus players that have elected not to play in 2020. Furthermore, the Steelers are one of five teams that have yet to have a player opt-out. Of course, despite Tomlin’s efforts, that could be subject to change on Thursday.