Steelers news: Mike Tomlin 'comfortable' with how Mason Rudolph left field
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Steelers’ Mike Tomlin says staff ‘comfortable’ with how Mason Rudolph left field

Mike Tomlin, Mason Rudolph

The Pittsburgh Steelers suffered a bitter defeat at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens. What made the loss all the worse for Mike Tomlin’s team was the fact that Mason Rudolph was taken out in the process.

It was a terrible injury that saw him hit his head the wrong way. Plenty of fans and players were scared for his safety after he didn’t immediately move.

However, head coach Mike Tomlin revealed that the team felt comfortable when their QB managed to walk off the field.


“Let me be clear because I didn’t really know what you guys were talking about when you asked me after the game,” Tomlin began Tuesday. “There are two carts in our stadium — there’s probably two carts in every stadium. He walked off the field because he chose to walk off the field, and the medical experts were comfortable with his ability to walk off the field and the safety in it.

“Whether or not the cart was functioning is irrelevant to the fact that he walked off the field. To be quiet honest with you I didn’t know that the cart wasn’t functioning until after the game because I was more concerned with Mason.”

It’s encouraging for the second-year QB to be already on his feet and walking during the game. But he’s still on concussion protocol and won’t likely be given any clearance to play until doctors have given the team the green light.

They have one more game to play before their bye week, and the Steelers will hope that Rudolph will be ready to play by then,