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Steeler rookie Najee Harris drops Pittsburgh rookie record even Le’Veon Bell, Franco Harris didn’t reach

Najee Harris, Le'Veon Bell, Franco Harris, Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers expected a lot from their rookie Najee Harris. However, what he’s done for the franchise has exceeded everyone’s expectation. Shouldering a workload comparable to some of the best running backs in the league, Harris has carried this ailing Steelers offense to a 5-3-1 record entering Week 11.

It’s no wonder, then, that Najee Harris has been breaking records left and right. Against the Los Angeles Chargers, the Steelers rookie reached 1, 000 rushing yards in just his first ten games. That made him the first rookie in franchise history to be able to do that.

Not even the greatest homegrown running backs in Steelers history were able to do what Harris did. Franco Harris, arguably the greatest running back in franchise history, reached the 1,000-yard mark in his rookie season, but did it well after the ten-game mark. Le’Veon Bell, who was electric in his time with the Steelers, ran for only less than 900 yards in his rookie year. It’s a testament to Najee Harris’ talent and work ethic that he was able to achieve this record.

Harris also doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. When asked about his workload in the Steelers offense, he told reporters that he loved carrying that pressure on him.

“Nah. I want more. I think every running back should want the ball more if you’re that dog-type of running back… The load that I got and there being 11 more games left –10, whatever — this is the type of stuff that I would want. I would want that competition.”

That’s what Steelers fans want to see. Great job, Najee Harris!