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NFL ‘trying to see us fail’, claims Steelers’ Eric Ebron

Steelers, Eric Ebron

The Pittsburgh Steelers logged another key win on Wednesday when they defeated the Baltimore Ravens, 19-14, in a contest that required several postponements before it was finally able to push through. The mighty Steelers are now 11-0 on the season, but for Pittsburgh tight end Eric Ebron, he firmly believes that the NFL is working against them right now.

Ebron had some pretty strong words criticizing the league, as he blasted how the Steelers are being forced to play with an extremely compressed schedule:

“We put all of these stipulations in place,” Ebron said on Uninterrupted’s 17 Weeks podcast on SiriusXM/Pandora, via Mike Florio of NBC Sports. “Everybody signed up and said, ‘Ok, this is gonna be cool.’ Nobody thought you would play three games in 12 days. Think about that. That’s us. We play [Wednesday], we play Monday [against Washington], and we play Sunday [at Buffalo]. Oh my God. . . . They’re trying to see us fail, bro. Welcome to the National Football League.”

Ebron’s rant did not stop there. The Steelers tight end went on to say that he could not care less about the money he’s earning right now:

“I don’t care about a game check,” Ebron said. “I’m sorry, I know there are people who don’t make the amount of money I do. I know that. So what? I’m sure they don’t want to play three games in 12 days either. They’d much rather, you know, lose a game check than risk them not making a check the next year because they’re hurt.”

Fair point from Ebron here, but at the same time, it is also necessary to understand that for their part, the league is doing everything in its power not to call off the current campaign. We are living in some unprecedented times, and it requires a lot of sacrifices from the individuals involved. Now whether or not the NFL is asking too much of Ebron and the Steelers is an altogether different matter.