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Steelers fan Paige Spiranac’s 1-word reaction to Ben Roethlisberger’s retirement rumors

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It’s either you retire a hero or play long enough to see yourself become the villain. That’s what happening to Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger amid rumors that he is planning to retire after the 2021 season.

On Saturday, reports surfaced that the Steelers QB has privately told his teammates the 2021 campaign is his last season in the NFL. While it was met with shock and disbelief–with plenty singing praises for the veteran signal-caller for all he has accomplished–some are not so kind with their reactions. One of which is popular golf influencer and Pittsburgh fan Paige Spiranac who was rather blunt with the development.

After seeing the news on Twitter, Spiranac seemed happy and shared her thoughts on the matter.

Given Ben Roethlisberger’s struggles this 2021, with the Steelers at the bottom half of the NFC North at 5-5-1, many has called for a change at QB in Pittsburgh. With that said, talks about his retirement are certainly welcome news for those who think that way.

Clearly, Paige Spiranac is one of the fans who believe having a new QB is the answer to the team’s woes.

Nonetheless, it is hard to deny what Roethlisberger has done for the Steelers. While some would say that others shouldn’t look at past success, it shouldn’t be forgotten that this is a man who has stayed loyal with the team and brought them two Super Bowl titles. Not every QB can say they have done that.

Maybe the least some fans can do is show appreciation and say that it has been a good run. After all, the latest rough patch for the Steelers doesn’t really paint the whole picture of Big Ben’s career.