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RUMOR: Steelers have ‘made calls’ about trading up into the top-10 of the NFL Draft

According to Adam Schefter on SportsCenter and Evan Silva on Twitter, the Pittsburgh Steelers are considering making moves. They’ve made calls regarding trading up into the top-10 picks of the NFL Draft.

With the NFL Draft, comes a lot of major rumors and massive moves. For the weeks leading up to the draft, you’ll hear about a lot of teams considering different options. With just hours before the draft, things get kicked into overdrive.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the latest team in the rumor mill.

Currently, the Steelers have the 20th overall pick in the first round. That means they’d need to jump at least 10 spots to get into the top-10 (pending where they trade up to).

The good news for them is that they’re supposedly targeting a linebacker. At the moment all the attention is on the quarterbacks. Multiple teams seem to be interested in trading up to make sure they get their man at that position.

That means the Steelers might not have to worry as much about another team trading up to take their man.

The NFL Draft starts at 8PM EST/5PM PST. It will be interesting to see what the Steelers do. Do they make a trade before the draft even starts? Or do they wait until the draft begins to see how things are shaking up?

If they wait, will that help or hurt them? Maybe they’ll feel they don’t need to trade all the way up into the top-10. Or maybe they’ll slip up and the player they want is taken before them. They could possible hear rumblings of another team wanting them and panic and trade even more for the top-10 pick.

However it goes down, it’s clear the Steelers have their sights set on someone if they’re inquiring about trading into the top-1o.