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Steelers reveal new location for 2020 training camp

The Pittsburgh Steelers have held their annual training camp at Saint Vincent College. But the Steelers won’t be able to continue their tradition of doing that this summer due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, Pittsburgh revealed their new location for their training camp in 2020.

On Monday, Burt Lauten — the Steelers’ director of communications — unveiled where the Steelers will conduct their training camp this offseason, via Twitter. Instead of having it at Saint Vincent College, Pittsburgh will be holding their training camp at Heinz Field.

Dating all the way back to 1966, the Steelers have carried out their training camp activities at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. However, the NFL informed teams earlier this week that they must remain at their home facilities for training camp this summer.

As a result, teams that usually travel out-of-state to conduct training camp will have to remain at their home facilities instead. That means teams like the Dallas Cowboys and the Carolina Panthers will have to alter their original plans.

Similar to the other 31 teams, the Steelers do have another training facility that is located in Pittsburgh. But unlike some teams, the Steelers realize that the team’s other facility would be tougher to hold up to the NFL’s standards amid the coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, Pittsburgh believes Heinz Field would make it easier for them to assure safety for their players.

Meanwhile, while the Steelers never left the state of Pennsylvania for training camp, they’ll have a new venue in 2020. At the least, the team’s training camp will be at a place that fans in Pittsburgh are accustomed to.