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Stellar Blade Release Date: Gameplay, Trailer, and Story

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Join Eve in her fight to reclaim Earth, and protect its survivors from the NA:tives. Read on to learn more about Stellar Blade, its release date, gameplay, and story.

Stellar Blade Release Date:

Stellar Blade will release in 2023, exlusively on the PS5.

Stellar Blade gameplay

Originally called Project Eve, Stellar Blade is a third-person action RPG. While it may not be obvious in this trailer, an older trailer from when it was still called Project Eve shows the player exploring the terrain. The combat in Stellar Blade seems to be its main selling point, alongside its beautiful graphics. From what the trailer shows, the combat in Stellar Blade appears to be very flashy and player-skill reliant. While fighting enemies, the player must properly utilize dodging and parrying attacks to avoid damage. Players cannot just rush in blindly attacking and soaking any damage they get.

Parrying in this game allows the player to use combos and unique skills to quickly take down enemies. They can also arm themselves with Beta and Burst skills to deal huge amounts of damage to the enemy. All of this, the director promises, will have animations that are “pleasing to the eye”. Sadly, there is no info on whether or not the player can change their weapons, as the trailer just shows the same sword throughout all combat scenes. The same goes for the guns the player can use, although one scene does show it taking on a different form.

Maneuverability is also important in the game, both in combat and in exploration. The player has access to dashes that allow them to reposition quickly during combat. The trailer shows the player using an air dash, along with a dash that passes through enemies. Proper usage of these dashes is important in combat. Outside of combat, it can also be used to explore the ravaged earth. All in all, the player must master all of these to be effective in combat.

Stellar Blade story

The player takes control of Eve, a member of a group dedicated to reclaiming Earth from NA:tives. These NA:tives are parasites that transform their prey into grotesque monsters. On a mission to earth, Eve and her comrades meet Adam and are led to Xion, Earth’s last surviving city. There, Eve meets the town elder Orcal, who tells her stories and asks for her help in rebuilding the city. It is up to you to decide whether you want to help them or not.

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