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Stephen Curry wants to re-sign with the Warriors, not focused on future free agency

It didn’t take long for reporters to ask Stephen Curry about his chances of re-signing with the Golden State Warriors next offseason.

Curry is set to be a free agent next season and he answered the first of many free agency questions to come during the next few months.

“Yes,” Curry told beat writer Anthony Slater of the San Jose Mercury News when asked if he’s optimistic about his chances of re-signing with the team.

It won’t be long until Curry visits his hometown Charlotte Hornets and faces the question of him possibly signing with them.

“I hope not,” Curry said. “Because we’ll worry about that in the summer. My answer’s not going to be different all year.”

The sharpshooter was asked if he’d take advice from new teammate Kevin Durant, who faced similar questions all of last season.

“Maybe,” Curry said. “But I’m not gonna let it distract me at all. I want to be back here. I like playing here. And that’s it. The rest of it is about what we’re gonna do this year.”

Re-signing Curry will have its implications as he stands as the most underpaid superstar in the league. Either he’ll have to be willing to make some financial concessions to keep the nucleus of this team afloat, or the Warriors will have to hope that the salary cap really expands to offer him a the deal he deserves.

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