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Steve Novak weighs in on Russell Westbrook’s ‘discount double check’ celebration

Russell Westbrook
Vine/Bob Sturm

During the third quarter of the game between the visiting Oklahoma City Thunder and Milwaukee Bucks on Monday night, Russell Westbrook knocked down a three-point shot and celebrated it.

The five-time All-Star thought it was the perfect time to pay homage to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers for clinching the top spot in the NFC North last Sunday by doing the “discount double check.”

However, the home crowd did not appreciate it and Westbrook was booed after.


Westbrook’s former teammate who now plays for the Bucks, Steve Novak, came to his defense and explained that he knew the action was directed at him. He also discussed the shooting games they had against each other before and made it clear that it was only a friendly gesture.

He may have drilled a huge triple and “taunted” the home crowd, but the Bucks had the last laugh of the night as they came out with the victory, 98-94. and helped them go over .500 as they are now 17-16 for the season.

The loss was only the second in six games for the Thunder who now have a 21-14 win-loss slate.

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