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Suns GM says Devin Booker’s hand injury got worse due to pickup game

Devin Booker, Ryan McDonough, Suns

Phoenix Suns general manager Ryan McDonough addressed the rumors regarding his star player’s recent surgery, as newly extended phenom Devin Booker will be out roughly six weeks after going under the knife.

“As you guys know he did have the injury late last year,” McDonough said, according to Matt Layman of Arizona Sports 98.7, referring to a lingering issue for Booker sustained at the end of the 2017-18 season. “There were no symptoms over the summer. The hand died down, it calmed down a little bit, it looked good, there was nothing structurally wrong with it.”

McDonough proceeded to explain that Booker took part in pickup games within the practice facility as the team geared up toward training camp under new coach Igor Kokoskov. That is when Booker’s injury got worse.

“Just in one of those games, the hand swelled up,” he said. “There was no trauma that we could see — it wasn’t like he hit it or jammed it or anything stood out unusually while he was playing. The hand just swelled up.

“We had a hand specialist here in Phoenix look at it and it was determined that he did need surgery and he flew to L.A. [Monday] morning and did the procedure that we’re projecting keeps him out six weeks. As you guys know, our season opener — our regular season opener — is five weeks from [Wednesday] night. So hopefully the rehab goes well and he’s back right around the beginning of the regular season.”

Booker might miss a few games to start the season, but it’ll also take him a few extra games to regain his shooting stroke and all-around comfort after regaining a full range of motion in his shooting hand.