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Chris Paul, Devin Booker react to rumored bombshell report on Suns owner Robert Sarver

Chris Paul Devin Booker Suns Robert Sarver

The Phoenix Suns are definitely on a high on the basketball court after a resounding victory over LeBron James and the retooled Los Angeles Lakers.

But an ominous cloud currently hangs over the organization after reports that an ESPN story is about to drop with major allegations against Suns owner Robert Sarver. The piece alleges racist and sexist behavior from the longtime franchise owner.

After their win over the Lakers, Chris Paul, Devin Booker, and Mikal Bridgers were all asked about the looming report on the man cutting their checks for them. The Suns at present seem unfazed by the news and aren’t going to let it distract their performance on the court.

Via Suns reporter Duane Rankin:

Suns reactions to team owner Robert Sarver allegations.

Chris Paul talked about having “solid” locker room.

Devin Booker said “something has to come out first” before commenting.

Mikal Bridges said “we all have distractions in this world,” but said they just “locked in”.

However, the various members within and affiliated with the Suns organization have spoken up in the defense of Robert Sarver. Current GM James Jones released his own statement about how the alleged picture painted of Sarver doesn’t match his own experiences with him over the years.

“None of what’s been said describes the Robert Sarver I know, respect and like – it just doesn’t,” said Jones.

At present, the rumored report on Suns owner Robert Sarver has yet to drop.