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VIDEO: Suns star Chris Paul’s nasty cut dribble makes joke out of Nikola Jokic

Chris Paul Suns Nikola Jokic Nuggets

Nikola Jokic was ejected in a wild spat that resulted in a heated moment with Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker. But before the Denver Nuggets big man was tossed, Chris Paul made sure to make him look foolish on the defensive end.

Check out the Suns point guard’s saucy cut dribble that had the Joker caught in no man’s land.

We see you, CP3. The Suns star had Nikola Jokic looking a tad wobbly as he was backpedalling in the shaded lane. Chris Paul even left one of his teammates stunned after that dazzling display of playground skills in-game.

Chris Paul was definitely not going home without a win in Game 4. The Suns’ point god scored 37 points on an insane 14-for-19 shooting clip. What makes it extra wild is that he did so while attempting zero three-pointers. Paul made up for it by going to the line nine teams, sinking every single one of them.

The Suns have now punched their ticket early for the Western Conference Finals. CP3 makes his second trip to the penultimate series after falling just short with the Houston Rockets back in the 2017-18 season. After leaving the Rockets riddled with injuries, you love to see Chris Paul bounce back with a chance to cap his career off with a title.