Suns news: Devin Booker reacts to Lakers' Kyle Kuzma's 9 eye emoji tweets
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Suns’ Devin Booker reacts to Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma’s 9 eye emoji tweets

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In truly earth-shattering news, Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns has responded, at long last, to Kyle Kuzma of the Los Angeles Lakers using an absolute glut of eye emojis on Twitter.

That’s right, folks, we’ve reached the zenith of the NBA’s loopy pre-draft season.

Rumors are flying hot and heavy from as many un-blue checked Twitter accounts as possible, with a vast multitude of trade scenarios, mock drafts and big boards cluttering up the interweb in advance of one of the biggest dates on the NBA calendar: The 2019 NBA Draft.

With all that going on, free agency rumors, trade demands and agreed-upon-trades are also starting to hit the newswire, with Mike Conley to the Utah Jazz leading the charge on Wednesday with the seismic Anthony Davis trade now a few days old.

Now, what possibly could Kuzma have been referring to with his overreliance on the eyes emoji?

Could it be the recent news that the Lakers want to add even more assets to the Anthony Davis trade so that they might be able to clear out an extra sliver of cap space – potentially leading to another maximum contract free agent in the offseason?

Or could it be the general chaos that surrounds the 2019 NBA Draft at this juncture?

Either way, Devin Booker was having none of it, as his statement of “this is excessive” could be applied to both Kuzma’s emoji usage as well as the generally loony atmosphere surrounding the NBA right now.