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Devin Booker says he’s having fun right now


The Phoenix Suns are playing their best basketball in about a year, and Devin Booker loves it.

“Getting a win? It’s fun,” Booker said per ESPN. “I’m just having fun playing with high energy. Crowd’s involved, fans are involved, playing good basketball. Nothing more than that I could ask for. Just going out there, playing the right way, playing together.”

The Phoenix Suns finally won two straight games following their big, 107-99, win over the Minnesota Timberwolves. Booker, who made his return to the floor after a six-game absence, went to work immediately, leading Phoenix with 28 points, seven rebounds, and seven assists. The four-year guard has been hampered with injuries so far this season, and has been in and out of the lineup.

Phoenix has been horrible over the past few seasons and wins have been a rarity. In fact, this is just the first time the Suns have rattled off two consecutive victories in about a year. Their last winning streak came on December 26 and 29 in 2017.

For Booker, he hasn’t experience a lot of winning in his NBA career thus far. Hence, it must feel good for him to win some games once in a while. While his stardom has risen over the past few seasons, Phoenix has never been able to construct a well enough roster for them to compete even for just a playoff spot.

The Suns have been in the lottery even way before since Booker was drafted. Despite getting a multitude of high picks over the years, it seems like Booker is the only that has panned out for them as an emerging superstar. However, they did get the first overall selection in the 2018 NBA draft, where they took center DeAndre Ayton.

The Booker-Ayton pairing seems promising, but it looks like the Suns are headed for another abysmal record this year. With this, they have no other choice but to make them go through the growing pains this season, and eventually add another potential superstar to their budding tandem next season.