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Dragan Bender dealing with fans threatening to eat their dogs because of him

dragan bender

When fans tune in to the NBA, they want to see dunks. Not layups or jump shots. When an opportunity presents itself, fans want to see their favorite athletes lift off and slam the ball into the hoop with ferocity.

A certain fan by the name of Kris Hanson, at least on Twitter, noticed that Dragan Bender of the Phoenix Suns, who stands 7-foot-1, has only dunked the ball a few times in the regular season.

As reported by Katherine Fitzgerald of AZ Central, Hanson said:

“I mean, he’s dunked what, like six times? The Suns have been very injury-riddled lately, and it’s a great opportunity for Dragan to score 20 points, but unfortunately, he hadn’t been up until that point,” Hanson said in a phone interview. “And he’s only dunked a handful of times all year, especially for someone tall.

With this in mind, Hanson made a seemingly ironic bet.

And as it turned out, Bender did not, in fact, dunk the ball. And Hanson got a ton of tweets, following up on his bet:

“Everyone at once – well, not everyone, but like four people – immediately tweeted me, and they were like ‘You have to eat your dog now,’ ” Hanson said. “And then I posted a photo of holding a fork and knife over my dog.”

Of course, the tweet was just a joke. Who would dare to eat man’s best friend anyway? Bender knows this but still had to pacify Hanson from eating his dog. He hasn’t posted a picture of his dog since. Though rest assured that he did not do the act. Hanson, like most NBA fans, has a good heart.