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Suns’ Jamal Crawford says Tony Allen is toughest defender

Jamal Crawford, Suns

Phoenix Suns guard Jamal Crawford has never been known as a great defender, but he knows one when he sees one.

In a Twitter Q&A, a fan asked Jamal Crawford to name the toughest defender he has ever faced, and the 38-year-old NBA veteran didn’t hesitate in saying that it’s former Boston Celtics guard and Memphis Grizzlies star Tony Allen.

Jamal Crawford even described how he views Tony Allen’s defense, saying that his stops can be compared to a player scoring a bucket.

The Suns’ guard isn’t wrong with his assessment. After all, Tony Allen has been really one of the best lockdown defenders in the league, particularly since the turn of 2010 that saw him bag three NBA All-Defensive First Team honors and three NBA All-Defensive Second Team accolades.

Moreover, Crawford isn’t the first one to acknowledge Allen’s defensive prowess in the NBA. Back in 2016, Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant described the Chicago, Illinois native as the “best defender” he has gone up against.

Meanwhile, in 2017, John Wall, Anthony Parker and Dorell Wright all said they hate going up against Allen because of his dogged defending. Parker, in particular, said that it’s always hard to play against Allen because he is “strong and quick” and “has good anticipation and active quick hands.”

Tony Allen, after seven seasons with the Grizzlies, signed with the Pelicans last summer for the veteran’s minimum. Unfortunately, he was traded to the Chicago Bulls in February and was waived a few days later. He remains as an unsigned free agent.