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Suns news: Team Twitter account blocking all other teams in honor of eclipse

If Monday’s total solar eclipse wasn’t a reason for an avalanche of memes and puns about different players and teams, the Phoenix Suns took the definition of this phenomenon way too literally.

As the moon aligns perfectly with the orbit of the Earth and the sun, completely blocking it for a short span of time, the Suns will align a string of 29 other NBA teams and block them from the Twitterverse… at least for the time being, that is.

Phoenix went through the trouble of blocking every other NBA franchise in honor of this rare sighting, showing that even an NBA team can have certain reactions to what has been known to be a spiritual, existential, and even shocking event for those who have experienced it.

The team even released this modified logo to honor this phenomenon, an idea which could even possibly translate as a potential jersey design specific to this season if the fans clamor enough for it.