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Suns video: Devin Booker, Tyler Ulis involved in elevator brawl

Devin Booker, Tyler Ulis

TMZ has just released a year-old surveillance video that shows a pair of NBA players in Tyler Ulis and Devin Booker getting involved in a skirmish inside an apartment in Tempe Arizona back in May of 2017.

In the video, Ulis is seen trying to prevent an elevator’s door from closing, as he waits for a friend. A group of men, however, wanted to use the elevator and reportedly did not like that their patience was being tested. This led to some words being exchanged between the two parties, words that turned into shoves, and shoves that became punches and headlocks.

More from TMZ:

When Tyler continued to hold it … they took offense and a scuffle broke out. One guy grabbed Tyler while another man put him in a headlock. The fight spilled out of the elevator and into the hallway.

Enter Devin Booker. The Suns’ shooting guard could be identified in the video wearing a hoodie and sporting a bandana to hide his face. Booker, together with some friends, rode the elevator to get to Ulis. And once they got there, another scrap broke out, though, Booker did not seem to inflict any harm, serving mostly as a reserve.

Booker — who covered his face with a bandana — does not appear to hit anyone.

Eventually, the 2 groups get down to the lobby … where another man from Ulis’ crew (wearing a black shirt) chases their adversaries out of the building and punches one of the guys in the face.

You can see Booker chasing after the other men into the street.

Tyler Ulis is a close friend of Devin Booker, as they both went to Kentucky in college and played together in Phoenix in the NBA. Ulis, however, was cut by the Suns last month, a move that Booker did not like. The Suns, however, easily soothed Booker’s dissatisfaction by signing him to a five-year deal worth $158 million.