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Superfan gets the most unconventional Michael Jordan tattoo

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan. A player. A businessman.  Most importantly, a legend. It is because of this that the NBA greats cannot include a list without his name, Nike is constantly producing new Jordan shoes, and if super fans want to get a tattoo of the man himself, it’s usually is an image of him with the Chicago Bulls.

Examples include images such as:

Jordan in a Bulls uniform holding 3 fingers up and a basketball



Jordan doing the infamous jump

Fox Sports

Fox Sports

And Jordan subtlety showing off his rings



However, people don’t just forget about the time he retired and went to go play with the Chicago White Sox.  In a recent Instagram post, Steve Butcher of Steve Butcher Tattoos posted a side by side image of a Jordan with a White Sox hat and the tattoo version of it. Take a look at it for yourself:

Pumped I got to do this today! @michaeljordan23 when he played baseball for the @whitesox !

A photo posted by Steve Butcher (@stevebutchertattoos) on

It’s safe to say the tattoo is a little unconventional. But regardless of how it is perceived, you must admit it is an interesting image. It’s difficult to tell whether the tattoo is on the arm or the leg, but if the individual decides to keep it this way, it’s for sure going to be a great conversation starter.

A City Without A Team That’s About To Take Over The NBA
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