Sushang is a 4-star Physical Hunt character available from launch and is receiving a rate-up in the coming Jing Yuan banner. This cute amateur Cloud Knight is an important part of the story and a strong character to boot. Should you get her, or plan on getting her, then here's our Honkai Star Rail guide on the best build for Sushang, from her Light Cones to her Relics and more.

Honkai Star Rail Guide – Sushang Light Cones and Relics Build

Do note that this guide is for the currently available Light Cones and Relics. Should new sets of Light Cones and Relics appear in Honkai Star Rail that are better for Sushang, we will be sure to update this build guide.

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Sushang Abilities Overview

We already talked about Sushang's abilities in a separate article. However, for the purpose of this guide, let's go through them quickly.

Sushang is a 4-star Physical Hunt character. The Path of Hunt focuses on dealing huge amounts of damage to a single enemy, bursting them down quickly. Her Basic Attack, Cloudfencer Art: Starshine, deals Physical DMG to a single enemy. Her Skills, Cloudfencer Art: Mountainfall, deals Physical DMG to a single target with a chance of dealing additional Physical DMG. If the enemy is under Weakness Break, the additional Physical DMG is guaranteed.

Her Ultimate, Shape of Taixu: Dawn Herald, deals huge amounts of damage to a single enemy, while also Advancing her actions and buffing her ATK. Additionally, her skill has additional chances to trigger the bonus Phyisical DMG. Her Talent, Dancing Blade, increases her SPD when an enemy has their Weakness Broken.

Sushang Traces Priority

When leveling her traces, players should level up Sushang's Ultimate to deal more damage to the enemy. Follow this up with her Skill to deal even more damage. Level her Talent next to increase the SPD increase she gets, before finally levelling her Basic Attack.

For the Major Trace branches, focus on Riposte first, then Vanquisher, and finally Guileless.

Sushang Light Cones Guide

Sleep Like the Dead: Increases the wearer's CRIT DMG by 30/35/40/45/50%. When the wearer's Basic ATK or Skill does not result in a CRIT Hit, increases their CRIT Rate by 36/42/48/54/60% for 1 turn(s). This effect can only trigger once every 3 turn(s).

This Light Cone is likely the best for Sushang, as it helps her guarantee Critical hits. The increase in CRIT DMG is good, allowing the player to deal huge amounts of damage. While In the Night is another viable 5-star Light Cone for Sushang, players who were not able to get it during Seele's banner will have to wait a while. Sleep Like the Dead is available in the Standard Pool and as such is easier to get.

Cruising in the Stellar Sea: Increases the wearer's CRIT rate by 8/10/12/14/16%, and increases their CRIT rate against enemies with HP less than or equal to 50% by an extra 8/10/12/14/16%. When the wearer defeats an enemy, their ATK is increased by 20/25/30/35/40% for 2 turn(s).

It is easy to get an S5 of this Light Cone as it is available for trade in the Simulated Universe. That effectively gives Sushang a 32% CRIT Rate against low-health enemies, allowing her to finish them off easily. Not just that, but the ATK increase is also helpful as it helps her deal large amounts of damage to the next target. This helps push them to low health, and the cycle repeats

Swordplay: For each time the wearer hits the same target, DMG dealt increases by 8/10/12/14/16%, stacking up to 5 time(s). This effect will be dispelled when the wearer changes targets.

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As Sushang is a Hunt character that focuses on one target at a time, this Light Cone lets her stack DMG buffs easily. This is good with high SPD, as it allows Sushang to stack the buff quickly. The downside of this Light Cone is if the enemy has Taunt, which could easily dispel and reset the buff if Sushang wasn't already attacking the taunting enemy.

Darting Arrow: When the wearer defeats an enemy, increases ATK by 24%/30%/36%/42%/48% for 3 turn(s).

This is the F2P option. While the 48% ATK increase is good, the fact that you have to first defeat an enemy makes it difficult to trigger the effect, especially if you're not able to deal killing blows easily. Only use this Light Cone if you have no other choice.

Sushang Relics Guide

4-Piece Champion of Streetwise Boxing

  • Increases Physical DMG by 10%.
  • After the wearer attacks or is hit, their ATK increases by 5% for the rest of the battle. This effect can stack up to 5 time(s).

This is currently the best Relics build for Sushang, as it buffs both her Physical DMG as well as her ATK. While it may take a while for her to fully stack the ATK buff, it's nothing that can't be solved with either a high enough SPD stat, or using an aggro redirect skill like March 7th's to attack or get hit more. Once fully stacked, however, Sushang will be able to deal a lot of damage from the stat buffs.

2-Piece Champion of Streetwise Boxing + 2-Piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat

  • Increases Physical DMG by 10%.
  • ATK increases by 12%.

This Relic combination removes the need for Sushang to stack ATK buffs by attacking, as she instantly gets a 12% ATK buff. The only problem with this combo is that it overall provides fewer ATK% bonuses with the above, as it stays at 12% compared to the 4-piece's 25% at max stats. Players can use this Relics set as a stop-gap until they are able to farm for a full set of Champion of Streetwise Boxing.

2-Piece Space Sealing Station

  • Increases the wearer's ATK by 12%. When the wearer's SPD reaches 120 or higher, the wearer's ATK increases by an extra 12%.

This Planar Ornament set is the best for Sushang as it increases her ATK even more. Players will have to make sure, of course, to get 120 SPD on Sushang to activate the set's second effect. This will give her a whopping 24% ATK increase, allowing her to deal a lot of damage.

For Sushang's Relics main stats, players should try to get CRIT Rate for the Body, either ATK% or Speed on the Feet, Physical DMG% on the Planar Sphere, and ATK% on the Link Rope. As for Substats, the player should look for either CRIT DMG or Rate, then ATK%, and finally Speed.

Sushang Team Guide

As Sushang will be the main source of damage in your team, it's important to team her up with buffers, healers, and either a tank that will direct damage towards them, or someone that can place shields. For example, you can put Sushang, Natasha, Fire Trailblazer, and Tingyun in one team to turn Sushang into a hypercarry. Tingyun will provide an ATK buff to Sushang, while also allowing her to use her Ultimate frequently. Fire Trailblazer will be there to direct DMG towards themselves, and Natasha will keep everyone topped up in terms of HP.

Alternatively, the player can bring March 7th instead of Fire Trailblazer to apply shields on Sushang, while also dealing additional damage through her follow-up. Players can also replace Tingyun with an Erudition or Destruction character such as Serval, Clara, Herta, or Qingque. This gives the team a source of AoE damage, something that will definitely help as Sushang has a hard time dealing with multiple enemies at once. Of course, the player can also replace Natasha with Bailu to give the team even more healing.

That's all for our guide on Sushang's best Light Cones and Relics build in Honkai Star Rail. Check out our gaming news articles for the latest in gaming news.