Team USA new: Harrison Barnes has ‘no regrets’ despite FIBA World Cup collapse
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Harrison Barnes has ‘no regrets’ despite Team USA collapse in FIBA World Cup

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Team USA had a disappointing stint in the recently concluded FIBA World Cup in China. They finished seventh in the overall rankings, which was far from the podium finish that fans had hoped and expected from them.

Still, Team USA forward and Sacramento Kings vet Harrison Barnes believes they have nothing to be ashamed of. In an interview with’s John Schuhmann, Barnes said that he has no regrets despite the poor result as he and his teammates did everything they could in the tournament.

“We made that pact that we were going to do whatever we could to win basketball games. To go out there and try to win gold medals. On the flip side of that is that there’s a chance that we may not win. And, I think there are no regrets from our group in terms of what we’ve given, what we sacrificed, the commitment that everyone has made away from their families, teams, organizations, all of that,” Barnes shared.

Team USA faced a lot of adversities in their FIBA World Cup journey. They’ve seen players withdrew their commitment from the national team, either because of injuries and/or to focus on the upcoming NBA season. One can say that they entered the tournament shorthanded.

But just like Barnes said, they did everything that they could with what they had, and for them, that is all that matters. Now, every member of Team USA will go their separate ways as they prepare for the 2019-20 NBA campaign.