Team USA news: Gregg Popovich to Serbia's coach -- 'We're a couple of 'f***ng losers'
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Team USA’s Gregg Popovich to Serbia’s coach: ‘We’re a couple of ‘f***ng losers’

Gregg Popovich, Team USA

Before Team USA lost to Serbia on Thursday, head coach Gregg Popovich had a funny interaction with Serbia’s Sasha Djordjevic.

Team USA and Serbia were considered the big favorites to face each other in the World Cup Final. However, both teams underwhelmed in the tournament and faced each other in the classification round instead.

Popovich, whose squad lost to France, tried to lighten the mood with Djordjevic by telling the Serbian coach both of them were a couple of “fu—ing losers.”

Team USA lost to Serbia on Thursday. They will play Poland to place for positions seven or eight. This will be the second-worst finish at a tournament in USA Basketball history.

While disappointing, it’s not that big of a surprise. Team USA lacked superstar power for the first time in years. Harrison Barnes was the only player on the team with Olympic experience. In the end, all the stars withdrawing from the team was too much for the Americans to come back from.

You can always count on Gregg Popovich to be in good spirits. The San Antonio Spurs head coach probably can’t wait to leave China, though, and get this whole thing over with. Team USA is currently getting ripped by fans and pundits back in America, and rightfully so.